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Theory and Literature of Rhetoric: COM 303

The principal purpose for the Rhetorical Resources page is to integrate course and supplementary material from COM 303: Theory and Literature of Rhetoric, at Bradley University.

Important item about the notes:

The lecture notes contained in the files have been developed for classroom pedagogy over the years. They come from a variety of sources. Obviously, I have interpreted the materials. In some cases, my students have contributed to the collection through reading summaries and outlines. Responsibility for the interpretations contained herein are mine; folks I've adopted and adapted should not be held responsible for my interpretations.

  • Course notes from a number of Rhetoric classes taught at the University of Oregon by Professor Dominic LaRusso.
  • Harold Barrett (1987/1996). The Sophists. (Chandler and Sharp Pubs).
  • Bizzell, Patricia and Bruce Herzberg (1990). The Rhetorical Tradition (St. Martin's Press).
  • Booth, Wayne C. “To those who do not teach English, but who believe that something called ‘English’ should be taught: Mere Rhetoric, Rhetorology, and the search for a common learning.” The Vocation of a Teacher: Rhetorical Occasions, 1967-1988. U of Chicago P., 1988.
  • Clark, Donald Lemen (1957).Rhetoric in Greco-Roman Education (Greenwood Press).
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