It's Clear, We're Here

For in celebration of the Wedding of Matt and Mallory

matt & mallory photo illustration

It took a long time to getting
To round where we are
That short line 'tween two places
Didn't get us that far
Now the times that we went for
The ways that we've been
Find us here After all After then

Well what took you so long
What was it got in your way
Folks just figured we'd prob'ly
Not see this day
But faith's been kind
God's been good
Along the way

The right time
The right day
The right person To say
Yes I will Yes I do If only I may
Hold you Ever so close
Whisper softly I'm here  
Most folks take a whole life
To get this clear

Are you sure?
Yes I'm sure
Will you stay?
Yes I'll stay
One day we'll look back and see
Just what today will be
We're here We're clear

© Edward Lee Lamoureux, 2014

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