Social developments from digital environments

12. The Media Equation

  • People act as though Media equals Real Life.
    • People expect new media to follow the natural rules of interpersonal interaction, as though the rules apply in and to media as well.
    • People respond socially and naturally to media even though they believe it is not reasonable to do so and though they don't think they themselves do.
      • People can think through this
        and avoid it but when they don't (when tired, distracted, busy, "normal," on autopilot),
        they follow the equation.
    • New media, old brain
    • People like most that which is present, simple,social, natural, easy.


Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

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Concept 12 Analysis article:

"AI Is Becoming More Conversant. But Will It Get More Honest?"

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Yuval Noah Harari. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Harper-Collins, 2017.

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