Ontological implications

16. The Cartesian Split

This timeline/image is available on Sakai, resources, "newsciencetimeline.pdf"


  • According to the Cartesian Split (which is known, now, to NOT be the case)
    • Object(tivity) v. Subject(ivity)
      • There's science
        • On the "Technology" side: Science/ Logic/ Reason/ Progress/ developing "civilization"
        • AND Environmental concerns/Nuclear fears
      • There's faith;
        • On the "Humanities" side: Art/Religion/History/Literature AND Anti-technology/
        • Anti-establishment/Impractical/ Cultural hegemony/ Elitist/ aesthetics
      • New Media might well be about reuniting technology & humanities.
      • BUT, if left alone, New Media exacerbates the split.
  • Techies have to shift interest from structure of information to the conceptual meanings in information.
  • Humies have to learn to master and control the potentialities of New Media.

Concept 16 Application Note article:

"The 2019 Good Tech Awards"

Want to learn more?

Yuval Noah Harari. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Harper-Collins, 2017.

Tom Nichols. Death of Expertise : The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters. Oxford UP, 2017.

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