Epistemological implications

18. Epistemological Changes

  • Deliberate and careful data analysis and critical thinking may fade.
  • Reading on screens discourages deep reading (and deep reading encourages deep, rational, thinking).
  • Hypertextual reading encourages distractions.
  • put your phone down?
  • Quick informational accessing and processing will increase.
  • The IMAGE may dominate rather than textual or mathematical content.
  • We may become toxically immersed.
  • "Frankly, I fear the power of a simulated world to alter the mind's conception of its own desires." (Castronova, Synthetic Worlds)

    Body Ownership Causes Illusory Self-Attribution of Speaking and Influences Subsequent Real Speaking

    Article for Concept Application Note:

    "Your Kids Think You’re Addicted to Your Phone"

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