IM 355 Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices

Spring 2023


IIM 355 fulfills the Interactive Media core course requirement. IM 355 no longer fulfills a WI-tag.

The grading scheme for the class uses "complete/incomplete" as 1 or 0. Grading is via a "modified contract grading scheme" enabling you to set your grade goals based on the number of assignments you complete. There is no course project and no mid-term examination. The final examination is optional (potentially worth 5 units).

IM 355 uses CANVAS as learning mangagement system (LMS). Please familiarize yourself with CANVAS. Find CANVAS instructions and resources: Introduction to Canvas: Student Tutorial. Contact the BU technology help desk (309-677-2964/ for Canvas assistance. Although CANVAS is used, the course runs out of the syllabus pages on the WWW.

Please check your BU email account regularly, at least once every day. BU uses email for COVID-related information; I use it for ALL class communication. I will not send class-related mail to a separate email account.

Goals and Objectives


(A) Text Reading Analyses
Look at the assignment for class 2 and note what you will do. Be sure you understand how it works:

(1) Zuboff_ch16_life_in_the_hive [.pdf on Canvas]=Reading Analyses


(B) Concept Analyses

(C) Extra Credit

(D) Grading

Special Considerations



A little bit about me (more than you need to know, but just in case you wonder).
-I was born 9-11-53 in Hartford CT. I was adopted 14 months later. My father was in the Navy; we lived in New London CT, Honolulu HI, and Waterloo IA (k+1st). Then dad retired and moved the three of us to Long Beach CA where I attended 2nd grade through high school (all Catholic schools).
-1 semester on a baseball scholarship at University Nevada, Reno.
-3 semesters at Long Beach City College.
-2 years at California State University, Long Beach (BA, Speech, 1975). 1 programming class in BASIC, at CSULB.
-No technology at MA level. Washington State University, (MS, Speech Communication, 1980).
-Dumb Terminals and line code for typing, in Ph.D. program @ University of Oregon, (Ph. D, Rhetoric and Communication, 1985).
-Bradley, fall 1985 in COM as Director of Basic Speech. Taught wide variety of COM courses.
-Vocal critic of mass media ("old/traditional media").
-First PC: Atari game systems, distributed in CFA, (1985) without joy sticks or games.
-First networked machines: The IBM (dorm of the future) project at BU; qualified faculty got a grey box (IBM PC running DOS and Windows for Workgroups) and connectivity.
-Later aquired an IBM machine with an Apple chip (dual boot machine).
-Led installation of first faculty work station at BU.
-Put COM 303 (Rhetorical Theory) notes on server for students to read, pre-web, using Pagemill.
-Member, first online education committee at BU.
-First online BU for-credit class (fall, 1996).
-MM program development committee (with Howard Goldbaum [COM-Photo], Randy Livingston [Art-web] and Jim Ludwig [CFA associate dean]).
-MM "Theory guy," interim chair, then chair (3 years total).
-3 1/2 years of MM development/authoring. 3 commercial, 1 grant project: over $45,000 in less than 4 years.
-Taught MM/IM 113 [113 used to be our entry-level production course], 250 [old 355 number], 350 [old 450 number], 450 & first BU for-credit classes in virtual world (in Second Life).
-Still dabble in production, but no production teaching (I don't code and don't design well; I'm best at audio and ok with some video editing tasks).
-I am now a vocal, theoretical critic of new media (as well as old media, as I was). You'll get both sides of issues as best as I can muster. But I'm mostly disappointed over how new media has turned against us.
-I now teach IM 355, IM 450 (IP law in New Media; Privacy in the Connected US; Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & NFTs). I previously taught COM 330 (COM Law and Ethics), COM 492-01 (Contemporary Challenges in Sports Communication), COM 103 (as basic course director), COM 303 (rhetorical theory), COM 304 (rhetorical criticism) and CIV 101.
-In my "spare" time I write books (IP law, Privacy, and creative non-fiction, non-linear, family bio, Threads); play golf (practice a lot more often than I play); write music and peform (guitar and sing); do gardening/home improvements; paint w/watercolors & acrylics; and tend to the needs of my wife of 42+ years, Cheryl and 4 off-spring: Alexander, 34; Samantha, 33; Kate, 29 [with partner, Macon and grandson, Warren (4) and 1 year-old twins Fitz (m) & Charlie (F)]; Nicole, 27 [with husband Lance Kelly and 6-month-old grandson Owen Edward]. Others in the family appreciate dogs (Kate & Macon have 2); I prefer cats (we've kept sets of two—3 sets—consecutively for over 30 years + Alex has one and Nicole/Lance have one).

(A) Text Reading Analyses

(B) Concept Analyses

(C) Extra Credit (D) Grading
Special Considerations Concepts Schedule
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