IM 355 Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices

Summer I, 2020

The Concepts

The Digital Environment: Taking the Long View

1. Mediums and Content Interact with Mutual Effects
2. Histories: Computers, Networks, and Digital Business Models
3. Predictions about new media are often misguided
4. As in good baking: Changes in the dominant media in a culture take time
and the proper conditions

5. Medium Survival Principles

Technological developments for digital environnments

6. About Bits
7. Design Matters

8. Tools/Technologies/artifacts transform reality
9. Bit protection

Quantum Theories

Social developments from digital environments

11. Reshaping Our Social Environment
12. The Media Equation
13. The Advantages Gap
14. Control over, & Participation with, Information is Power

Ontological implications

15. New Media, Ancient Humans, Old Brains
The Cartesian Split
17. Representational Fears

Epistemological implications

18. Epistemological Changes
19. Digital Oscillation and Resolution
20. Chaos Theories
21. The Dynamics of Complex Systems

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(A) Concept Exams

(B) Text Reading

(C) Concept Application
Notes & Discussions
(D) 3-part-Research Writing Project
(E) Extra Credit (F) Grading Special Considerations
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