IM 355 Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices

Spring 2022

(A) Concept Exams

Synchronous Online Attendance Required:
 Midterm Exam (concepts 1-10)
01 9-10:15
02 1:30-2:45
Final Exam (concepts 11-21)
01 Dec 10, 12-2pm
02 Dec 12, 9-11am

No early or make-up exams will be arranged for either of the exams. Students with emergencies must contact Dr. Lamoureux (by phone or teleconference) before the end of the test period; accommodations will be made for (only) emergencies. Students needing accommodations must notify me at the beginning of the course and must be registered with the Office of Student Access Services. All students must be online with audio and video for the exams. High-speed bandwidth and computers (NOT tablets or phones) required.

(A) Concept Exams

(B) Text Reading

(C) Concept Application
Notes & Discussions
(D) 3-part-Research Writing Project
(E) Extra Credit (F) Grading Special Considerations
Concepts Schedule

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