IM 355 Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices

Spring 2023

C) Extra Credit:

Extra credit can be used to make up for lost or missing points.

You may earn up to 5 (extra credit) points (1s) by completing full sentence outlines of chapters from the extra credit books. Full-text summaries will NOT be accepted; full sentence outlines of individual chapters, up to 5, at 1 "complete" each). NO CREDIT FOR PREFACE, INTRODUCTION, FORWARD, OR CONCLUSION; "Regular" numbered chapters only.

The extra credit work may be turned in at a rate of no more than ONE PER WEEK (Sunday-Saturday), no later than 5:00 pm May 3. Plan ahead and do extra credit work along the way; do not leave it until the end. The due dates listed on the syllabus are PACING suggestions only. You may turn in extra credit at ANY time during the term (but no more than 1 per week). They will be credited to the first "open" slot of the 5.

OPTIONAL extra credit books: (optional means you DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE these! Look at them in a library or bookstore, check them out from a library, or find a chapter online). Obviously, you may find books here that you would like to own but you are under NO requirement to purchase any of them.

(A) Text Reading Analyses

(B) Concept Analyses

(C) Extra Credit (D) Grading
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