IM 355 01, 02 & 03: Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices

Spring 2020

E) Extra Credit:

You may earn up to 50 extra credit points by completing full sentence outlines of up to 5 chapters from the extra credit books (summaries will NOT be accepted; full sentence outlines of individual chapters, up to five, at 10 points each). NO CREDIT FOR PREFACE, INTRODUCTION, FORWARD, OR CONCLUSION; "Regular"-numbered chapters only. The extra credit work may be turned in at a rate of no more than ONE PER WEEK (Sunday-Saturday), no later than 8am May 2. Plan ahead and do extra credit work along the way; do not leave it until the end.

OPTIONAL extra credit books: (optional means you DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE these! Look at them in a library or bookstore, check them out from a library, or find a chapter online).

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