IM 355 Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices

Spring 2023

(A) Text Reading Analyses 

Text reading analyses [23] are posted to Assignments on CANVAS.

For each section of the assignment (sections are generally indicated by headings and subheadings) address the following 4 aspects (number each). Write in your own words. Limit the use of quotations; use "quotation marks" and (page numbers) when using quotes. Often, the beginning of a given chapter does not have an initial heading. Use the chapter title for that section.

1. Title/heading of the section.
2. The point the author is making in this section is:
3: The most important evidence used to make the point is:
4: This point is important for me to understand because: [xxxx]; that is, how does this apply to you and your life?

LIST the number for each section of your answer (1-4).

DO NOT ATTACH a DOCX, LINK TO A FILE or LINK TO A CLOUD SERVER. Type or copy/paste your contribution into the CANVAS assignment text box. You cannot see others' reading analysis work until after you post your contribution.

Reading assignments vary in length, depending on the length and complexity of the reading. While writing original authorship (don't cut and paste) use the technical terms in the readings (otherwise, I can't tell what you've read and are analyzing). No bullets or outlines. These are full text writing assignments.

NEVER WRITE IN LONG, UNBROKEN, BLOCKS. Write in paragraphs, focusing on one central idea per paragraph. Assignments written in LONG, UNBROKEN, BLOCKS will be returned, ungraded and must be resubmitted, in proper paragraph form, ON TIME as assigned. Put a line space between paragraphs and indent new paragraphs (after the first).

Reading assignments are due by 8am the morning of the class day on the syllabus schedule. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Analyses will receive a 1 (completed) or 0 (not completed). I will explain "the issues" with a "0" score. You would then have 24 hours to revise an analysis receiving an 0; the 24 hours begins when you get my explanation for the 0.

Always keep a copy of submissions, with machine-generated date/time, for your records.

(A) Text Reading Analyses

(B) Concept Analyses

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