IM 355 01, 02 & 03: Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices

Spring 2020

Requirements and Expectations

Spring 2020 IM 355 will happen, mostly, online.
We will meet, 3 times, face-to-face in GCC 104 (Sections 01) and GCC 124 (sections 02 & 03): (1) the first class day and (2&3) for the two exams (listed on the syllabus).
Face-to-Face attendence is MANDATORY those 3 days.

I will also meet during class time, in the assigned room, at the request of groups of 5 or more students any day requested (with 48 hours notice). When requested and scheduled, I'll announce those meetings and all students are welcome (but are not required) to attend.

Follow the syllabus/schedule: read the book, read the concept pages, watch the video concept lectures, do the summary assignments over the book and the concept application notes over the concepts.

Due dates and times are listed on the syllabus. The online version of the syllabus will be updated, when needed, and supersedes the printed version.

Graded course elements include: (A) exams over the concepts [2]; (B) "concept application notes" and "discusion questions/answers" over the concepts [21] (C) Reading summary reviews [23] over the book, (D) 6, 9, or 12-page research paper. Due dates are listed on the syllabus. Each element is detailed
on separate pages.

Required Text:

Shoshana Zuboff. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The fight for a human future at the new frontier of Power. Hachette Book Group, 2019.

© Ed Lamoureux, 2020


(B) Text Reading

(C) Concept Application
Notes & Discussions
(D) 3-part-Research Writing Project
(E) Extra Credit Grading Special Considerations
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