IM 355 01, 02 & 03: Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices

Spring 2020

Special Considerations

There is a Sakai site for grades, concept application notes, summaries & discussion, resources, wiki (declare your approved project topic there and sign up for meeting over final paper), and class email.

I do not use text messaging, so all of the days that we are in class in the GCC one student, each day, will be identified as the "designated emergency text message monitor" and will be asked to leave their cell phone on for this purpose. You must be registered with the BU emergency notification system to serve. Please help me identify this person in a timely fasion. All other cell phones should be turned to vibrate or off during those sessions.

All students are responsible to the same syllabus schedule, regardless of outside or BU-sponsored activities. I only accept materials early by agreement. Missing assignments must be thoroughly documented and arrangements made BEFORE THE DUE DATE & CLASS IN QUESTION in order to qualify for exception. Medical issues, see below.

Students with a disability and documentation on file at BU should contact me immediately. I’ve often worked with the BU Center for Learning Assitance [ ]to facilitate learning. Arrangements must be initiated by the student at the start of the term. I can help connect you to the Center. However, without disclosure and Center certification, I cannot make disability accommodations. Most accommodations are made at the Center on campus, so may not be available to online students who cannot reach campus. The center mostly accommodates exams. However, if there are other issues, I will try to help. Generally, the service requires advanced notice for arrangements; please contact them now.

Policy regarding e-mail communication about grades:
As a matter of the CFA’s policy to protect student privacy and in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, questions and concerns regarding grades must be presented in person or in a written letter. Instructors will not respond to questions and concerns For online courses, face to face teleconferences are allowed for communication about grades.

Policy regarding student inability due to an illness:
When missing assignments (needing to turn in an assignment late in this class) due to illness, it is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation to verify the student's illness, unless the Office of the Associate Provost for Student Affairs informs an instructor of the basis for the accommodation. Students may sign an informational release form at Student Health; the document enables faculty to verify treatment at the Clinic.

Plagiarism merits an “F” on the activity and disciplinary action. DON’T copy the work of others and DO document sources properly. Turnitin is licensed by the university. Students are responsible for knowing the Bradley University policy available here: Information about Turnitin and plagiarism prevention is available on the Bradley Turnitin website --

BU Common Syllabus Statements on Student Support Services (downloads a WORD doc with explanations and links)

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(C) Concept Application
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(D) 3-part-Research Writing Project
(E) Extra Credit Grading Special Considerations
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