1. Outlines can use words, phrases, or complete sentences. For all IM 250 assignments, please use full sentence outlines.

2. Subdivide topics by a system of numbers and letters, followed by a period and using indentation to mark levels of importance.

3. Where there is a subdivision, at least two items must result and items at the same level of abstraction are in the same place in the hierarchy both with regard to symbolization and indentation.

4. Subpoints must relate to the main points above them.

5. Generally, one looks for the following pattern:

    A. (main point) Full sentence outlines help you prepare orderly and complete materials for written papers and oral presentations.

    1. (subpoint)Planning properly coordinated main points and subpoints keeps your treatment of the subject on topic.

    i. (evidence) For example, writing guides illustrate the effectiveness of this technique.

    ii. (evidence) a comparison of these two student papers, one that does not use outlines with one that does, indicates the effectiveness of preparing outlines prior to writing.

    2. (subpoint) When you outline main points, subpoints, and evidence, you can see where you have sufficient/insufficient support for points, thereby helping you target research and development.

    i. I need some evidence in support of this sub point

    ii. I need some evidence in support of this sub point

    3. Determination of the subpoints (what did we learn about the main point)?

    4. After completing and discussing a main point, provide a transition to the next main point

    B. Main point (repeat pattern)

Further explanations can be found here

and here

When your reading summary calls for an outline, I want you to outline the material in the chapter(s) by indicating three main points, two subpoints for each main point, and two pieces of evidence for each subpoint. If you wish, you may indicate the determination of the subpoints (summaries) and transitions to the next main point (if they appear).

an example (without the documentation that you will need when you write your research paper later in the term... but ok as an example for reading summary outlines)