You don't know who you are (but I do)

(Give Back) My Boyfriend's Shoes

Catch and Release


For Debbie (Cole) Lafayette

In Each Other's Arms

For Michelle and Jason and their marriage/wedding

It's Clear, We're Here

For Matt and Mallory and their marriage/wedding

It Won't Play That Way (the Iron Duke)

for Rog/Dad

Good Prospects for a Bad Outcome

The Last Set

For Lyndon Heart and all the players with children who play


Never Mind the Cost
[thanks to John Kaizer for playing most of the music on this track]

That's how it goes

The Real James Taylor

For James

The Road Always Leads Back to You

For Ann

The Weld That Holds

911 & Labor Day Tribute

This Time Around

For Molly Faley in celebration of her 50th birthday

(It's Your Turn) To Dance Again


for Maggie, and the Bertram Family

You Make a Winner of Me

For Alex (sorry it didn't work out)

Young Danny Young

for the little drummer boy

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