Young Danny Young

For the little drummer boy

Don't shoot they said
one to the head
Don't line me up
looks like you're dead
Why me they begged
Why me they cried
why not? someday
we all will die
Today's your day
blow you away
Young Danny Young
he works that way

Cause it's the
guns that set the pace
the guns that win the race
the guns that pull the plug
the guns make me a thug
the guns they're who I am
the guns don't give a damn
bout Danny Young Young Danny Young

There's one way out
you don't come back
when I come in
dying begins
you get to leave
a big black car
and there you are
yes there you are
So don't forget who saw you last
Young Danny Young your dice he cast

© Edward Lee Lamoureux, 2014

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