Never Mind the Cost

Growing up these days is such a hard hard thing to do
you've stayed right on the path that left some others real confused
now you wonder how you'll pay for the next steps along the way
seems that dreams deferred are all you have today

Just never mind the cost, you be true, to the things (that) you need to do
and never mind the cost, cause we're here, for you
Oh never mind the cost, let's be clear, it's your time, now and right here,
have your say, make your play, and never mind the cost.

You found the one that you need, you've seen the way to succeed
Your life's ahead if you push through with each other hand-in-hand
But how to begin, as you see, the cost is priceless indeed
and you don't know just how, or if you can

so much doubt, so much pain, will sleep ever come again
no one's sure, how to go, it's all so it's all so new
but if you stay the course that you've laid
your heart and soul will guide the way
and love is always right there, just behind you

copyright, 2012, Edward Lee Lamoureux/the Professor

[thanks to John Kaizer for guitar work on this cut]

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