This site is an archive of Ed Lamoureux's academic work in SL. Ed no longer has an active account there.

-Talking with the Professor (audio interview)
-4 Part Series about the class, NMC Observer
-Background and class poster (word.doc)
-"Right Click to Learn," Boston Phoenix, 8-17-06
-HOI-19 interview article, 8-19-06: "Virtual Classroom to Start at Bradley"

"A Whole New World," PJS, 10-17-06
PJS photos
Presentation to NMC, 11-8-06
Metaverse Messenger M2 article about class .pdf (1-2-07)
MM 490 Syllabus & Link
Jason Terhorst's class movie
Students ‘get their game on’ in class (BU Hilltopics, 4-07)
BEA April 20, 2007 Presentation (.zip of a large PowerPoint presentation)
NMC Summer 07 (Indianapolis, IN) Presentation (Keynote software on zip)
IM 344: Virtual World Building and Research:
and Innovation (Fall, 2010)
MM 333: Intro. to Field Research in Virtual Worlds.fall, 07
MM 333: Intro. to Field Research in Virtual Worlds, Jan. 08
MM 333: Intro. to Field Research in Virtual Worlds, Jan. 09
MM 444: Field Research in Virtual Worlds, Spring 09
Professor Avatar: Chronicle of Higher Education feature, 9-21-07
Second Life allows educators to interact with students. Syracuse Daily Orange Allison Polster 10/5/07
He's Virtually Famous, Peoria Journal Star, 10/25/07
Learning 2.0: Making Sense of the explosion of Web 2.0 tools and their relevance and consequence in Higher Education:Case Western University, 5/8/08
Virtual Worlds and the New Frontiers of Learning -- From SecondLife to Wonderland: Case Western University, 5/8/08Metaverse Messenger M2 article about religion in SL research, June 8, 2008 (.pdf, page 4)
Field Research in Virtual Environments, Interbusiness Issues, May 2009
Global Scholars in Virtual Worlds, Spring, 2011(syllabus)

Global Scholars in a Virtual Word (CFA website article)
Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough? Machinima for Dublin Institute of Technology
in Dublin Virtually Live
Religion in Cyber Space; Machinima for Mater Dei Institute in Dublin Virtually Live

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